RAW – A Juice Company Proudly Serving San Francisco

Hello, and Welcome to RAW!


RAW is the San Francisco community's source for fresh, organic, raw fruit and vegetable juices. RAW's diverse selection of fruit and vegetable juices nourish and revitalize your body and mind. Available for pickup at our retail location, RAW juices provide a satisfying way to get your 5-a-day.


RAW juices are produced in small batches with the utmost attention to detail, using organic produce procured from local farms and vendors. To supply maximum flavor and nutrition, RAW juices are unfiltered and unpasteurized, meaning that they only have a 2 day shelf life- so drink it, don't save it.


In addition to our most popular juices, RAW also produces custom blends of juices to cater to specific needs. Enjoy the envigorating juices from RAW to enhance diets, relieve aches, and boost your immune system. Additionally, the vitamins and nutrients in RAW juices absorb quickly and easily into your body, making RAW a delicious and helpful part of a program of recovery from illness.


I craft 1 - 5 day cleanses customized to each client. To start, we have a meeting to find out about your individual needs.  The cleanse is then made addressing your unique energy level, digestive system, allergies, cold and flu symptoms and other sensitivities.